Welcome to Munich. Welcome to Europe.

If there is a European IP capital, it must be Munich. Host not only to the German Trademark and Patent Office, the Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office and a European Union Trade Mark Court, Munich is also one of the most important venues in Europe when it comes to IP litigation.

IP protection and enforcement in Europe has long shaken off the restrictions of national borders. In an enlarged EU, now counting 27 member states representing a single market of roughly 450 million consumers, the European Union Trade Mark and the Community Design are invaluable assets, offering the possibility of EU-wide enforcement of your IP rights, complemented by the possibility of a Europe-wide customs watch and a unified seizure procedure.

As a German law firm, we have long adopted a European perspective. Our experience in the pan-European enforcement of IP rights, both from an in-house and from an attorney’s perspective, puts us in a unique position. Instead of picking and feeding local law firms in every corner of the European continent, why don’t you just turn to us?

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