Big is beautiful.
Small is beautiful as well.

Some of our clients are multinational companies seeking the benefits of a highly specialized IP boutique rather than a transaction focused global firm. We take this both as a compliment and as an encouragement to maintain the high quality of our services.

But size isn’t everything. Behind every small business may be tomorrow’s global player. We have watched companies grow with our support. Some of the most fascinating marks are owned by small or medium-sized companies. What drives us is not the size of your company. It’s your commitment to your IP, and your determination to protect it. That’s why we cherish all of our clients alike, be they big or small.

A truly personal contact

Is your contact person also your lawyer? In big law firms, your work is likely to be done by someone you have never met or spoken to, and never will. Neither is it always the same person that is in charge of your work.

At Gerstenberg, your contact person is your lawyer, and your lawyer is your contact person. We know your case when you call us. You know who you rely on. And you will be pleased to find that “internal meeting” is no longer the most frequently used category of work you are being billed for.


Lawyers know their law. They are not always familiar with the entrepreneur perspective. Not everything that is legally possible makes sense from a business perspective. And not every fight that may be won need be fought. Especially when adversaries are also business partners.

We know both the lawyer’s and the business perspective. As lawyers, we have advised blue chip companies, but also scores of Mittelstand companies from the food, pharma, cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle and luxury industries. Our experience as inhouse counsel for international corporations helps us understand the entrepreneur’s point of view.

The lawyer should be a trusted advisor and – where necessary – an effective trouble-shooter. For the rest, the best a lawyer can do is stay in the background and make sure that your business runs smoothly. That is how we see our job.

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